• Auteria Download

    Version 2.30 (64bit)

    Since version 2.30, all executable files require a 64bit operating system. To play and register to the game you will need to download the client.

    Downloading and playing the game means that you agreed with our End User License Agreement and will follow the Game Rules.

    If you are new to the game, read the Help and FAQ. It will help you to understand the controls and get started. You can also bring up the in-game help by pressing F1 in game.

    Make sure Auteria is allowed to modify files within the folder you have installed the game!
    The download only includes the base installation of Auteria. The required game content will be downloaded on first game start via the Auteria Updater.

    Size: 18M
    SHA1 (Auteria_2_30_Setup.exe) = 18eddb7d9f9c69eb18cdb0c11626d46a01e6bf91

    Size: 25M
    SHA1 (auteria_2_30.tar.gz) = e61750027c54074696ef463a72a99b2095b0a493

    Size: 1.1G
    SHA1 (auteria_2_30_complete.tar.gz) = e0738d07a504daeb5f62e0612a6dc88dd86bdcb0

    Note: On Windows you need a program which is able to unpack tar.gz like 7Zip.
    Example Installation on Linux and FreeBSD
    In this example, I'm going to install Auteria in the newly created "games" subdirectory of the home directory . Then I create a desktop icon.
    Launch your favorite Terminal/Konsole Application then type:
    mkdir ~/games
    cd ~/games
    tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/auteria_2_30.tar.gz
    cd auteria
    ** when you downloaded the complete package it's => tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/auteria_2_30_complete.tar.gz
    Now you can find Auteria in your main menu under "games". Or launch it directly from the desktop. In many windomanager's you get asked to "mark executable" before you can use the desktop icon.