• Default Game Control Bindings:

    Control NameControl Binding
    Forward w,up
    Backward s,down
    Strafe Left a
    Strafe Rightd
    Turn Left left
    Turn Right right
    Sit down x
    Jump space
    Weapon Attackleft mouse button
    Switch Mouselock (free mouse cursor)q
    Switch Autorun e
    Switch Freelook z,middle mouse button
    Show/hide Playerstatsr
    Bring up Manufacture Dialogm
    Chat enable return
    Message Hud PageUp pageup
    Message Hud PageDownpagedown
    Resize Message Hud p
    Bring up Options Dialog ctrl o
    Use Inventory Item 1-101,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
    Zoommouse scroll

    Free Mouse Handling (enabled/disabled with key Q):

    The left mouse button is used to interact with dialogs or to open the storage and talk to NPC.
    Hint: The action when clicked on an Inventory Slot has diffenerent behavior when a dialog is open. By default it "use" the item or drag and drop it to another inventory/mount slot. When a dialog is open it is used to move to storage, move to trade window or selling stuff.

    The right mouse button is used to select other player and monster to cast a spell on it. It is also used to "touch", "poke", "count" etc. While in the free mouse mode, you could select an object, and your character will begin to harvest or to fight when it reached the object. Use the right mouse button also to drop the stuff in a bag while holding the "shift-key".