• Auteria

    Do you really think we know our Planet Earth very well? - We do not!
    One day we found a secret entry to an unknown world, called Auteria. Oh and we weren't the first who arrived there. This world must have existed for thousands of years.

    Join us to explore the world.

    Try to solve the quests and riddles.
    Find out what happened to the beautiful place Auteria had once been.
    Help us against the mighty Grodtold - Help us to survive!

    W A N T E D
    Dead or Alive


    While on your journey, you will learn essential skills by doing quests and leveling.
    Cook your own food, make yourself some armor against the enemies. Read more about the skills at it's section.

    Do you think the food lies on the floor? No, you have to farm, then cook or brew your own beer.

    At the end of the day, you will be able to answer the following questions:

    • What happened with Thorne?
    • Who is this Grodtold and Lucia?
    • Where are all those inhabitant, who lived there before?
    • Before what?
    • What happened to Auteria? Look at the picture we found with some words from Thorne in the story section.

    None of the people we have met so far could answer all the questions. Maybe you can.