• How To Play

    Connection to the Auteria Server

    When you start the game you will get this window:
    • 1 = Check for new Updates
      Normally the client will check for updates automatically. If you use a firewall it can't. When you notice strange behavior, or the client won't you let to connect to the server, then check for updates. Updates will also be announced at the forum.
    • 2 = Create a new Player
      Use this button to create a player on the server. This is the only way to create a player.
    • 3 = Game Options
      When you run the game the first time, you should not play with the options. If anything is working fine, you can use the option menu in-game to increase the graphics for example enable "Water Shader" for nice water. If you noticed problems then please run the option-menu from here. You will find some help to decrease options at "Troubleshooting" and "Tips and Tricks".
    • 4 = Quit
      Closing the game.
    • 5 = Login Information
      Type you User/Nickname and your Password there. The password will not be saved on your system, so please remember it well.
    • 6 = Login
      Click there to play Auteria.

    The arrival on Auteria

    You will land at a little town called Hometown. Look at the pictures below how to play. Your first action will be:
    Little Paw
    He's the first NPC (non-playable character) you have to talk to. He will offer some help and direct you to Lisa. You will find her in one of the three huts. She will introduce you to the game, the land and other NPCs.

    Keyboard Control

    Option keys

    Play keys

    Window keys

    Please look at "Mouse & Keyboard" for all options, and how to change these.
    You will find these controls in-game by open the Help-Menu (F1 Key)

    Mouse Control

    Released Mouse

    Locked Mouse